Community Input is Essential!

Get involved and help us set the stage for Flower Mound’s future! Throughout 2021 there will be numerous opportunities to share what you love and what you want to see changed about the Trails and Bikeways system! We will provide information and opportunities to participate on this website as well as in person! We hope to see and speak with you at one of our public meetings!

Town Council Approval Meeting
Planning and Zoning Approval Meeting
Transportation Commission Approval Meeting
Parks Board Approval Meeting
Work Session with Town Council
Work Session with Planning & Zoning Commission
Joint Work Session with Parks Board and Transportation Commission
Steering Committee Meeting
Technical Committee Meeting
Parks Board Meeting
Open House
Master Plan Technical Committee Meeting #2
Master Plan Steering Committee Meeting #2
Interactive Map opens
Community Survey and Virtual Engagement Room Closes
Parks Board Regular Meeting
Concerts in the Park – Input Booth
Arts in the Park Festival – Input Booth
Virtual Engagement Room Opens
Community Survey Opens

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