Welcome to the Flower Mound Trails and Bikeways Master Plan home base! This process will call upon residents to help shape the future of trails and bikeways in the community.

Plan Purpose

What is the Plan?

This master plan will serve as a roadmap to guide short and long-range priorities for the trails and bikeways network in Flower Mound over the next 10+ years. As part of the planning process, an assessment of existing conditions and future needs will be conducted for off-street trails, on-street bikeways, equestrian trails, and nature trails.

Why Plan Now?

Flower Mound is a growing and changing community. In order to keep up with community growth, new development and redevelopment, and shifting demographic trends, developing a Trails and Bikeways Master Plan is essential to ensure that these facilities meet the needs of the community today and in the future.

The previous parks and trails master plan for the Town of Flower Mound can be viewed here.

Plan Process

Keeping residents informed is essential to the development of the master plan vision and recommendations. Below is a roadmap of the process of the plan and the anticipated schedule. Community input opportunities will be available throughout 2021 and will be publicized on the Engagement page of the project website.

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